Bitcoin Mining Hardware

Bitminer T1 – IN STOCK

1,000 Gigahash of Mining Power!

Bitminer T1
Bitminer T1
Bitminer T1 – 1TH
Price$1,299 AUD inc GST
Hashing Power1,000 Gigahash per second
CPU Core Speed1.01 GHz
Core Count64 roller cores
Mining Efficiency> 0.8 Watts per Gigahash per Second
ConnectivityRJ45 Ethernet
Product Specs

Includes ASIC processors capable of calculating a minimum of 1000 Ghash/second.

  • 1000 Ghash/second
  • Very Easy to use with support provided by Rival Networks Team
  • Complete “Out of the box” functionality
  • Low Power Per-Gigahash Design
  • Compact
  • Rj45 / Ethernet connectivity
  • Complete easy to use Web interface includes configuration and graphic reports of mining activity
  • Supporting Stratum protocol
  • LCD Built-In to actively display statistics and diagnostics.

Speed: 1000 GHash/second @ TT corner (Typical – Typical)

Preliminary specifications (subject to change to ensure quality control and delivery time-frame:

  • “At-the-wall” power usage average is 1w/1gh or -1000w for 1000gh
  • 28nm High Performance Node Process
  • High Performance Flip Chip BGA
  • Clock: 1.01 Ghz+ (easily overclockable up to 2.1Ghz, but efficiency will be reduced) per chip
  • 0.6V voltage
  • 99 “fully-unrolled” cores
  • less than 0.5 W/Ghash/second @ 1.01Ghz per chip
  • 20 x 28nm Chips

Note: Voltage tweaking and overclocking is not covered by warranty

Purchase Information

Please Note: We are providing preliminary specifications reported by our engineers and partners based in China. They have not yet been proven in any laboratory or test environment and are subject to change however will be within the advertised scope.

Units will be tested before shipment.

BitMiners is a division of  Rival Networks PTY LTD, a boutique technology solution company and work with professionals and technology enthusiasts to ensure quality products and services. Rival Networks PTY LTD immediate staff have a combined 30+ years experience in technology solutions including custom computer hardware and specialized software.

10% GST is included (International Customers please contact us regarding purchases not including GST

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